Spring is the time to be repotting your Caladium tubers.

If your plants have started shooting, just be careful when repotting to avoid damaging the new growth.

If you have kept them dry over winter, simply remove from their pots, seperate the tubers from the dry potting mix being very careful not to loose the tiny new tubers that have formed on the main tuber.

Prepare a new pot with some drainage material in the base, half fill with your prefered mix and place the tubers right side up on the surface and cover with more mix. Water and set aside to wait for the tubers to shoot.

To check which way up to plant the tuber, it will have a flat bottom and a pointed top.(this is if it hasn't shot yet).

Keep the mix moist but not wet during the growing period and fertilise regularly to produce good tubers for next season.

Keep in a partly shaded spot and enjoy

Potting medium can be any commercial free draining potting mix, or a combination of 50-70% potting mix with the rest made up of coarse pine bark(orchid mix),Blue metal of the same size and Perlite. Charcoal can be added for drainage.
Experiment for success in you area

The above information applies to Sub-Tropics Regions.