The Society was formed in 1929 with the following objectives:

To foster interest in horticulture by holding monthly shows.
To initiate schemes for beautification of the district from a horticultural point of view.
To encourage household economy by holding competions in cooking, preserves and sweets.
and to assist proposals put forward by any body with similar objectives in view which may merit the assistance of the Society.

These objectives have been updated over the years too but the emphisis is still on holding monthly meetings, with competitions covering Pot Plants, Cut Flowers, Roses, Orchids, Floral Art, Dahlias, Cooking, and Fruit and Vegetables.
Every meeting except Christmas features a Guest Speaker from a variety of fields including Horticulture, Floriculture, Pest Management, Weed Control etc.

In July and November each Year we have a Trade Night when Members bring along potted plants to sell.